Frequently Asked Questions


What is 'Little Robins' home-based childcare?

Homebased childcare enables children aged from 0 – 5 to gain education in the comfort of their own home. This is for parents who want an alternative to putting their children into a daycare centre. The ratio for care in your home is 1:4 for children over 2 years and 1:2 for children under 2 years, as per Ministry of Education guidelines.

How do I Find a Nanny, Educator or Au Pair?

Contact us about your specific requirements and we will craft and circulate a personalised advertisement in our network.


Our team will work with you to find the perfect carer who suits your unique needs. Red Robin will then help you through the recruitment and selection process.

What are the Benefits of the 'Little Robins' Service?

There are many benefits of the Little Robins home-based service

+ Up to $65.00 in MOE subsidies per week, per child

Access to our fantastic educational support programme

+ Subsidised first aid training for your educator

+ Daily Diary and 'Learning Journal' for your family

+ Access to online communication & portfolios with 'StoryPark'

+ Complimentary art and sensory packs for children

+ Complimentary age appropriate monthly activities

+ Invites to regular Red Robin community events

+ Ongoing support from a fully qualified ECE Teacher

+ Comprehensive recruitment support.


What do the Families (Hiring a Nanny or Au Pair) Need to Have in Place, in Regards to Health & Safety?

The Visiting Teacher will contact you to arrange a time to do a health and safety check around the home.  Here all communal areas and children’s rooms will be checked to make sure they meet the Homebased Childcare Regulations (2008).  


The majority of homes will meet the criteria although we may sometimes suggest some changes to layout or management of potential hazards.  This is done in a way that makes the home a safer environment for your child and is of benefit to you all! 

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What Funding is Available?

The 'Little Robins' home-based service is fully funded by the Ministry of Education, enabling us to provide the following subsidies and ECE funding for children under 5.

WINZ subsidies are available for parents who qualify.

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What are the Expectations of the Nanny, Educator or Au Pair Working for a Family?
The Nanny, Educator or Au Pair will need to participate in the Homebased educational programme. This includes educational planning for each child, monthly learning stories or written documentation of child/ren’s learning, daily journal to be filled in each working day, timesheets filled in and collected on a monthly basis. The Nanny, Au Pair or Educator must have current First Aid or undertake training within two months of starting the role.

What if my Nanny was Hired Privately & I Want to Enjoy the Benefits of your 'Little Robins' Home-based Service?
That is no problem at all – we are happy to work with all Families, Educators, Nannies & Au Pairs, however they were introduced to each other! All we need to see is that there is a contract in place, that the child-carer is working on a long term contract (over 3 months) & is working for 18 or more hours a week & caring for at least one child who is under 5.

What's the Catch?


There is none! This is a terrific service that is offered to you free of charge, for the benefit of your child. You get a great log of your child’s journey through exploration & play during their time in care to look back on & cherish. ​